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I’m so sick of no one caring about Indigenous people. A white girl goes missing in Virginia and everyone and their mama is in an uproar. It goes national. A young Native woman is brutally raped and murdered and you’re hard pressed to get anyone who isn’t Native to bat an eye. Do you see the problem here?

Christmas, please. #DUKE

Christmas, please. #DUKE

'For it was not my hand you held, but my heart.' Be careful whose hand you hold.

I decided to splurge today and got.. name brand, heavy duty, non stick aluminum foil.

Oh sure Robin Thicke. Now that everyone is hip to what Blurred Lines is really about, you claim you were high and didn’t write it. You still performed it.

hell yes

hell yes

Why am I still watching this? I just wanted to see if Miss North Carolina would win but she didn’t make prelims.

They just played All About That Bass on Miss America. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a collective curve between them. Ugh.


But in all honesty it really does embody the American ideal for femininity - as women we ought help people and look sexy while doing it

Yes, let’s teach our girls this.